A Real Life Fairytale

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A Fairy Tale Indeed!

Dreams do come true when you believe…

You either watched the royal wedding as did I with hope, excitement, love, and wonder as history was made, and for every little girl (or boy) out there to believe that anything is possible.  It is.
A few people were surprised that I would make the effort to get up early to watch the wedding of Harry & Meghan, and some people don’t get the draw.  I understand it; it’s not your thing.  It is no different than a sporting event, in fact, that evening, after my daughter’s dance recital, we went out to dinner with our guests, and we had to be seated by a television to watch the Celtics game, as they are in the playoffs.  We are all drawn to something; it is not right or wrong, it is just based on our interests, our values, our depth and desires and what we find entertaining or of interest.  

I was interested in the Royal Wedding for many reasons, partly pure entertainment, but also much more profound meaning:

Dreams do Come True!

I love the fact that Meghan is an American and the photo of her in front of Buckingham Palace while visiting London as a teenager (tourist) is just an incredible example of how anything is possible.  She went from looking at the walls of Buckingham Palace as an outsider to marrying a Prince and becoming a Princess (Duchess) and member of the Royal Family.  Anything is Possible!


Lady Diana Then!

In the early 80’s I can remember watching Lady Diana marry Prince Charles—it was a wedding many of us will never forget.  It was a Fairy Tale, the pomp, the circumstance, the long train, and the love the British people had for the Royal Family, the traditions, the protocol, the sweet & innocent girl walking into a new life with such hope and promise.

The demise of rules, royalty and the truth behind the walls of the palace.  We would later learn that Dianna would buck Buckingham Palace, and would face her demons & challenges and that of the Royal Family.   Love, Warmth, Kindness, Vulnerability & Courage surrounded the walls of the Palace & beyond.  Topics such as Aids, Race, Disease, Depression & Eating Disorders were topics that were unearthed in conversation, challenge and most importantly, a light was put on them.  Love radiated the issues and people she touched; she became the Princess of the People.  A new day for the Monarchy, even though the Monarchy resisted.  

Lady Diana Now!

To watch her sons grow up without her is bittersweet for us all.  They are remarkable young men that have faced a burden that no child should suffer, and have done so with strength, honor, faith, and bravery.  Seeing her baby boy grow up and get married touches our hearts, they are and will always be her boys.  They are and will always be her voice, her love, her determination, her open-mindedness, her architect of change, her heartbeat.  It is one of the stories of our lives, to see a joyful occasion and her legacy lives on is heartwarming, and truly what life is all about.  It is the Princess in all of us. 

Love over Race!

To see a strong bi-racial woman step into the Royal family unites us all.  It was a historical event, one which helps us in our fight against discrimination, hate, racism and the old ways of this world that still exist.  Watching her African American mother, proud moments, signs of change, a welcome breath of diversity and inclusion.  It is about love; it is about unity, it is about the rise of equality, it is about moving the needle and modernizing the Monarchy through acceptance and change.  


For the love of love.  The love of a story of two people.  The love of royalty.  The love of fashion.  The love of English Tradition.  The love of it all!

Pam Guyer