Focus is oh so HIPP!


Focus is oh so HIPP! 

Where Focus Goes Energy Flows….

Focus, intention, and clarity are key contributors to living life on purpose and achieving your goals.

Many of us go off track, life gets in the way, we get caught in the trap and many find themselves on the hamster wheel of life. Let's be real, we are imperfect beings, with busy lives, and most often... far too much on our plates.  

When I find myself in this state, I bring myself back to writing things down, gaining clarity on how I want to spend my time, and leaning myself into a state of FOCUS.  

A big part of focus is that we need to make sure it is aligned with our vision, goals, and dreams.

There are times we might be “focused” on things that are not serving us—and our energy is spent on things that dismantle our best life rather than build our best life.  It is okay, you are human and this can be human nature for most. Remember, it's all about progress, not perfection!

Make sure your state of focus flows your energy in a positive, light, empowering, and peaceful way. Course correct when you are in the murky waters of negative thoughts, complaining or blaming.  

Focus is not just achieving goals and crossing things off the list, focus is a feeling, a direction, a light in which we ignite from within.

When I find myself in the abyss of life, be it feeling busy, caught in a lull state of mind or not feeling my best self, I go back to what I know works, my daily practices of Living HIPP.  These simple practices are not only important self-care practices, but also require me to focus each day on goals, and equally important, a mindset & state of being.  

Here are some tips for you to break through when you are feeling overwhelmed or off track, and gain some clarity and momentum on the path to your HIPP life.  Remember it is not a destination, you never arrive, it is a journey, with tools, practices, rituals, and actions that help you move in the direction of your HIPP life.

HIPP TIPP’s on how to Focus:

— write down each day the top 3 things that you want to achieve

— write down each day the feelings you want to feel (check in on yourself throughout the day that you are practicing those feelings)

— exercise every day.  Even if it is a walk outside it will clear your mind, and make you feel better (get those endorphins working for you)

— nourish your body with real food, it truly does make you feel better.  Watch what you eat and drink.  Again, progress, not perfection!

— start small.  Don’t try to change everything and focus on everything all at once (trust me, I know this), start out with small wins.

— implement a “focus 15” every day. This is where you sit for 15 minutes and work on the goal(s) you have set for the day in your life or business.

— Wake up early, the magic is in the morning and a morning spent in meditation, positive inspiration and preparation will set you up for a great day.

— Reward yourself when you accomplish tasks. Make sure the reward is aligned with your overall HIPP life.

—Be present, the more mindful we are the more connected we are to our day and how we spend our time.  

—Be aware of your attitude.  A positive attitude & energy will allow us to get into the flow.  Focus on this throughout the day.

Remember, where your FOCUS goes your ENERGY Flows. Let’s focus on our HIPP Life, and inspire others to do the same!


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Pam Guyer