Drive with A View

The pretty drive that changed my vision.

If you read Living HIPP, you might recall I write about going to Uncle Johnnies house and the pretty drive along the way.  My Uncle Johnnie was a successful businessman and while my life growing up was very humble, Uncle Johnnie lived in a beautiful affluent coastal town—it was exposure to more in my life.   East Coast privilege with one of the most magnificent drives along the coast would adequately describe this seaside community.   Uncle Johnnie's home was our gathering place for holidays, it was festive, and it was fun.  It opened my eyes to dreaming even more and expecting that I would create my own success and move beyond where I was as well as combine new opportunities and lifestyle changes—while honoring my humble and loving beginnings.   It expanded my vision for myself and my life, more than any of my siblings.   Uncle Johnnie always encouraged education, career planning, and investing in yourself and your future—his advice helped us kids while we navigated our teenage years to young adulthood.  His wife Judy demonstrated this through her beautiful example and was yet another positive influence on my life.  It is always good to have people in your corner believing in you, believing in your potential, and encouraging you to go for it, whatever it may be for you.  For me, it was education, and then of course, career choices.  

Recently, I drove my favorite drive (which always reminds me of Uncle Johnnie and our family gatherings), and I am once again inspired with the beauty of it all and how much I loved it then and continue to admire it today.   The ocean, beautiful homes, enclaves, and seaside splendor are timeless sites that continue to inspire, delight, and captivate its visitors .

This drive calms me, inspires me, and while I have driven down this road so many times, I am wide eyed and inspired each time.  While this is not home for me, a piece of me will always consider it part of my home, a connection to my past, and a place to go in the present.

The road ahead may not always be as picturesque but it will certainly have twists and turns that bring wonder, joy, excitement, and opportunity when we are open to more than just being on autopilot.   Open your eyes and awaken to the road ahead and go to the places that evoke happy memories and places that grow your vision and feed your soul.  

Pam Guyer