Comforts of Heart & Home: 20 Ideas for You to Feel Comfort in the Heart and in Your Home!


As I sit with my feelings, I am vacillating back and forth, from grief to comfort, and from joy to pain.  I am reminded of how much I love the comforts of home and joy in my heart heart, for my family, my life, and humanity.  Pain resides deep inside but joy is also there--and feelings of peace & contentment can always be found in the storm of difficult times.  

As I think about what brings me peace, I realize that there are rituals and practices that I am able to go to, access, and enjoy either daily or weekly to bring comfort to my mind, body & soul.   I love these rituals. I truly love the comforts of home. I love the feeling of being at home with myself and also the pure fulfillment I feel when I wrap myself in rituals that allow me to replenish my heart & soul.  

Here are ways for you to create comfort and a sense of peace as we enter the fall/winter season.

1.  Warm fuzzy socks

2.  A cup of hot Tea 

3.  A roaring fire

4.  Light a candle

5.  Wrap yourself in a blanket, grab a book

6.  Soft music, jazz, classical, musical 

7.  A warm bath with Epson salt & lavender 

8.  Sun on your Face

9.  Wear a big sweater that makes you feel great

10. Boots.  Every HIPP girl needs a great pair of boots

11. An excellent cup of coffee 

12. Hat, scarf, shades & a brisk walk 

13. Bonfire 

14. Hot chocolate & dessert 

15. Hugging & holding a child, a pet, a friend, a spouse/significant other 

16. Sweat pants, sleep pants, sweat shirt & messy bun

17. A mask & moisturizer, getting comfy girl for bed

18. Jammie Up, get your favorite pajamas on early 

19. Have a lazy morning in bed, Easy Like Sunday Morning

20. Write five things you are grateful for each day in a gratitude journal 

Pam Guyer