Having It All


Can You Have it All?

As women and moms, we have this desire, belief or curiosity at times, can you have it all?

Lets first define what “it all” actually means….

For most, it means having a career, business or purpose in addition to raising children, and feeling you are successful in both areas.  

I believe the answer to that question is yes, and no!

Having it all is a myth, because it is not something that is easy, natural, and without intention, thought, guilt, sacrifice and friction at times.

I believe you can have it all, when you don’t do it all!  Meaning, you need to let go of trying to do everything and be the end all and be all to your family, your business, your work, your life.  We all know that behind the curtain, behind the scene is a Mom that is exhausted, feeling guilty (you are not a good mom when you are at work and you are not a good business leader when you are at home)—at least that is the story you tell yourself sometimes because it is not easy, and you are not super woman (she’s a myth).   

This nagging question needs to be answered based on your priorities, based on your values, and based on your aptitude.  

You can have it all, when you learn not to do it all.  Delegating responsibility and simplifying areas of your life make this possible.  Likewise, carving out time that you are able to dedicate to your family and to each child is what makes this work.  Here are some ideas and things you can delegate, and create a support system that allows you to thrive in both life and business as a Mom Boss.

Child Care:  Secure care for your children during the times you are working and they are not in school.  Even a mothers helper can be valuable for a few hours each day or week.
Personal Assistant:  This can be a game changer even just a few hours a week.  Outsource some of your errands and things on your to do list.
House Keeper/Cleaner:  You can save yourself hours each week (and stress) by hiring someone to clean your house, and perhaps fold your laundry as well.
Grocery Delivery:  This can be a big time saver and allow you more time with your kids and/or on your business or work.
Dry Cleaning Delivery:  Again, another option to mainstream and simplify your life. 
Virtual Assistant:  This is a smart way to leverage your time and skill set, hire someone to do the work that is not a good use of your time or skills.
Meal Delivery:  There are great options out there to have fresh meals delivered to your door, or ones that just need simple preparation.  

These are some ideas to get you started.  While there is a cost or investment to some of these, the payout on some is priceless and also in most cases, I have been able to grow my business even more, because I was able to build a support system, and leverage my time in my business and with my kids.

Having it all means not doing it all.  Having it all also means that you can’t have it all at the same time.  There are seasons and business cycles that pull at you more, and there are dedicated times for family that are sacred, guard each of these and be sure that you gain some balance when you are not in a busy season or project that demands more of your time.  Makes sure your life blends, and that you create time for the important areas and people in your life.  


Pam Guyer